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“Know someone anywhere you go.”

A word from K. Lam

I created this platform to give people the opportunity to discover what really makes an establishment unique, it’s the personalities. It’s the talent. Without great people, a great business cannot exist. In a fast pace world where everything is moving towards automation with less and less human contact, I wanted to draw the focus back to what really matters:

It's People

The majority of folks don’t consider waitressing and bartending to be a career, but it was certainly my career and a successful, fulfilling one at that for over a decade. Like so many other bartenders and servers, I had my own loyal following that would visit me no matter where I landed. I hope the service industry can utilize Startender to take their following with them wherever they go in their service career (your network is your net worth!) and I hope the Startender community can benefit from making real human connections while getting some great deals along the way!


K. Lam - Founder/CEO of Startender

“Know someone anywhere you go.”

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