Diary :: Get Every Dollar

Get every dollar I used to work for a psychopath in my Asian Gangster Bar days, his motto was “Get Every Dollar”. That phrase stuck with me over the many years I bartended and “Get Every Dollar” came to mean something different to me, not just the obvious greed it implies. Every dollar counts when you’re a server. If every dollar counts as a server, that means every customer in your barstool or section counts. Yes, even the annoying ones who “under tip”. When you account for that person’s undertip and multiply their visits by their lifetime as your customer, you end up with a completely different number. Would you say no to that person and their money then? Hint: Never say no to money. Tips are always appreciated and all money is good money! I understand some customers are not worth the trouble and hassle they bring, and to that, I say save your sanity and choose to continue to love your job by firing that customer. But not without taking into account what it takes away from YOUR bottom line and the establishment itself. Everyone chooses to spend their money differently and we should always be thankful that someone would part ways with their hard earned money for us because it can very easily be someone else’s pocket instead of ours.

If you want to stay more aware of how every dollar and every customer’s presence affects your life as a server, the next time you buy a cup of coffee or a sandwich, think back to someone who tipped you that $3 or $5 and say a silent “thank you!” for buying me this coffee. Thank you for buying my lunch today! This little exercise gave me a whole new appreciation for every single person who came into my shift. Patience and perspective is so key when working in the service industry, it’s something we need to exercise regularly! I also have a mini calendar pocket book to track my tips, this helped me stay on top of my customer service game and keep perspective on “every dollar”. I don’t recommend getting caught up in your daily earnings, but rather seeing the big picture on a monthly basis.

Tell me about some of your best customers, how have they enriched your lives? Hey@StartenderApp.com