Diary :: Want To Be Irreplaceable As A Bartender Or Server?

Want To Be Irreplaceable As A Bartender Or Server? Nothing gets you to the top of your bar/restaurant like acting as if you own the place. This means taking pride in your job no matter how inconsequential you feel your position is (for now). Sounds like common sense right? But when put into practice every time you’re on the clock, it can be easy to slack and brush things off as “not my responsibility”, or when your feet hurt and you’re tired and just effing over it. The trick is to ask yourself, “what would I do if this was my place or my best friend’s place?” and then run your shift as if it were true. Yes, this takes discipline. I call it bringing my “CAN-DO” attitude to work and this means leaving my personal BS at the door! Acting like you own it means being an honest bartender/server, reporting all breakages and spills, fixing and reporting things that are broken or malfunctioning immediately, being thorough with cleaning and side work and being extra helpful and polite with customers even when they’re being a pain in the ass. It means paying attention to the small details and treating every person who walks through the door like it could be your next big tip (because you never know!). It also means treating co workers with courtesy, compassion and understanding (I know, it’s hard to get along with everyone, some people really are impossible). All this does not go unnoticed so you should never be doing nothing on your shift, there is ALWAYS something that needs to be done in a bar (you can find it if you’re creative enough). If not, ask the manager/owner what needs to be done!

Want To Be Irreplaceable As A Bartender Or Server? Now why would you want to go out of your way and act like you own it? Because your goal should be to make yourself irreplaceable and extremely valuable to the owner’s eyes (and in any job for that matter). Owners always know who their most valuable players are, it’s reflected in sales, secret shopper reports and compliments/comments made by customers and the owner’s personal friends who frequent the establishment without you knowing. You should always ask yourself what you would be doing/how would you behave if the owner were shadowing you for your entire shift. This is how you should conduct yourself regularly, at your best, as if you were being evaluated by someone at all times. This includes staying off your phone, paying attention to your customers need for refills/table cleared, treating customers as your friends, staying happy, positive and upbeat, not wasting time chit chatting with coworkers when you have customers to tend to, picking up shifts when it’s needed and acting “as if” your well being would suffer if the business suffers - BECAUSE IT WILL. Without repeat business, sales for the establishment will fall, therefore, your bottom line falls with it. Generating repeat business should be a priority, your income depends on it!! Without a sale, there cannot be tips! So the next time you’re tempted to brush something off as “not your responsibility”, remember, this is your bar and restaurant too and it’s kind of like a 2nd home.

Take care of your home and your house guests, the returns takes care of itself!